The Duty Cycle and Cycling Rate input fields for 217Plus are intended to reflect on-time percentage (system is fully powered or in stand-by mode) and off-time percentage (system power is fully removed and system is essentially nonoperating or dormant). The Cycling Rate per Year is intended to reflect the number of complete power on-off cycles that the system experiences over 1 calendar year (i.e., cycles between the ambient operating temperature and the dormant nonoperating temperature. If your system meets these conditions, then you are using the 217Plus factors correctly, but you are correct that the Duty Cycle only accepts integer entries from 0-100 and the Cycling Rate field only accepts entries up to 100,000 cycles per calendar year. On the other hand, if your system is in “standby” mode for 99.67% of the time, the implication is that there is still power applied such that it can instantaneously operate for the other 0.33% and it is not truly in the nonoperating state, i.e., power totally removed. Your Cycling Rate numbers may also be subject to this consideration.