There is no specific category/subcategory for DC/DC Converters in MIL-HDBK-217F, Notice 2. DC/DC Converters are often supplied as packaged devices that contain a number of components including inductors, transformers, capacitors, diodes and ICs. In order to perform a MIL-HDBK-217 reliability prediction on such a device, you would need to have information about the components used therein and model them separately. Since this information is often not available, or perhaps may even be proprietary, a better approach would be to consult the manufacturer’s data sheets or contact the manufacturer directly.

Richard Wisniewski,
Senior Reliability Engineer
Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC)

Please note that the RIAC is currently in the process of being transitioned to the newly-formed Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC). Quanterion Solutions, Inc., as the day-to-day operator of the RIAC, will continue in this capacity as part of the DSIAC in the technical areas of reliability, maintainability and quality (RMQ). Inquiries related to RMQ can continue to be made to the toll-free number at (877) 363-7422.