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mamarzec asked 10 years ago

I use the 217plus method to calculate the failure rate of our system. When initial assessment of failure rate was calculated we would like to go one level up and use system level model. According to norm, System Model Process Grade Factor (PGF) multiplier is equal to 1.0 (default). The one factor I would like to use in the model is the environmental factor (system is exposed to strong vibrations). The rest of the factors could be set at their default values. What is the default value of the environmental factor? If I had such information I would be able to adapt the equation (Factor_P*Factor_IM*factor_E+……+factor_W = 1) for my needs . I do not use any software (just the norm).
Could you also tell me where I can find in the above norm a electrolytic capacitor and standard SMD resistor (what is it made of? metal?).

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