lee byoung-ki asked 15 years ago

As SE Engineer, Im begginer.

This Reliailbity Spec is Color Laser Printer’s SPEC

What is mean of MPBF ? I want know difference to MTBF. Is it mistake spelling?

And SET life cycle’s refrence information and AMPV’s information.

Printing Volume(AMPV) 240 black pages and 160 color pages
Max Monthly Duty 24,200 images
MPBF 12,000 sheets (color 4,800 sheets and black 7,200 sheets : total 26,400 image)
MTTR <30 min.
SET Life Cycle 200,000 image or 5 years whitchever comes first

1 Answers
smorris answered 15 years ago

I believe MPBF is “Mean Pages Between Failure”. So, the specification states that this printer will last 12,000 pages. You could convert this to a time scale by dividing by the average number of pages per hour that you expect to print. “Set life cycle” is the number of cycles that can be expected before the device reaches end of life.