rogerkleinhammer asked 12 years ago

On April 25th I submitted a ticket to RIAC regarding a technical flaw in the Automated Databook with NPRD2011. I purchased this as a replacement of my old NPRD1995 which I have used for a very long time. I noticed that the print function now truncates the operating experience from 0.000000 to 0.00. The loss of significant level of detail inhibits the use of the NPRD2011 to derive composite prior based on similar systems.

I submitted my ticket on April 25th. I finally received a response on May 12th. The response was inadaquate and unsatisfactory. Pointing fingers at standard applications to rationalise the technical flaw is not right. The response “We will have to look into that error.” shows a level “caveat emptor” that I’ve not previously experienced from RIAC.

If I had to complete the purchase survey for the NPRD2011 over, the response would be negative. If I had to respond to a survey on the customer service response it would be negative. And If I had to recommend the use of the RIAC Products, I would have to consider the implications of the NPRD2011 and response received.

As a follow-on, I attempted to respond to the customer service reply. Your customer service ticket system failed to accept or post my comments to the thread. Again, all I can say is “caveat emptor”