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Guest Forum User asked 20 years ago

Can some body help me out please? I am working for resistor Reliability prediction methods. I am following MIL-HDBK 217F. In the Reliabiltiy Prediction Calculation it is mentioned that Quality Factors for resistor as S,R,P,M. Can you please give some idea about these abbreviations.

Thanks in advance.

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norbyzuka answered 14 years ago

Mil-HDBK-217-F N2: (Pi Q of resistor)

S… 0.03
R… 0.1
P… 0.3
M… 1
Not established… 3
Commercial/unknown… 10

norbyzuka answered 14 years ago

Do you have some information about the update of quality factor of MIl-hdbk-217F n2 by VITA-51?
(ANSI/VITA 51.1-2008)

Quanterion Solutions Incorporated Staff answered 14 years ago

The Draft version of MIL-HDBK-217G, which may be released soon for Government/Industry comment, does factor in the VITA 51 work regarding quality levels. Since -217G is not yet formally released, I’m not at liberty to divulge what the ultimate modifications might be, as they would be subject to change.

norbyzuka answered 14 years ago

thanks for your reply