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kesavam asked 10 years ago


I will be thankful, if any one clarify my queries in regard to 217+ standard.

It is stated in RIAC web site that, EPRD and NPRD component are included in 217+, but if i see the 217+ standard, those are not present. So, please suggest me, how do we can incoporate them (mechanical , electrical, electonics parts) into our reliabiltiy prediction analysis , if use 217+ standard.

Also, how do we can perform component reliabiltiy prediction for components like bear PCB, IGBT, Hybrid components, etc…. which are not covered in 217+ standard.

Actually, we thougt of migrating from MIL-217F standad to either 217+ or IEC62380 standard for our railway domain projects. The Above 2 questions are stopping us to take a decession.

Awaiting for any one respone!

Thanks in advane.