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Has anyone used Siemens standard SN29500? I have never heard of this before. Do you guys know anything about this and how it would compare to MIL-STD or Telcordia?

They also make reference to something called an “Atomic Plant Model”. Any idea what this is?

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mscetiner answered 12 years ago

Hi Guido,

How can I get a copy of SN29500?



Hello there,
we are using this SN29500 – with pretty much success. We have also been able to confirm it with different calculations and comparison with the real world.
Is there anyone still interested in this?

Please come back to me


eee25 answered 12 years ago

Oh, it’s awesome miwetzel, you appear on time! 😀 where do you buy this Standard? I really need it. Thanks!!

rob_t answered 9 years ago

I’m interested in SN29500 because it gets quoted extensively in ISO 13849-1:2008 (Annex C) which is a machinery safety directive which I need to understand and apply.
For instance ISO 13849 quotes the MTTF for a junction FET as 22831 years for 40°C operation. Apparently this comes from SN29500.
1. What voltage and current stress is this assuming? ISO 13849 just says “nominal” but I’d like to know what SN29500 assumes. I’d have thought it was unlikely to be at rated breakdown voltage, for instance.
2. What Statistical Confidence Level does SN29500 use for its MTTF predictions? I have seen 60% and 90% commonly used.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.


dala answered 9 years ago

SN29500 will be updated periodically and is available on request.

Information about contact persons for SN 29500 can be obtained via:

I have sent an email to the address above with no answer. Is it still valid? Do anyone know how to obtain SN 29500?

siehai answered 9 years ago

For purchasing or information about the SN 29500 there are the following
contacts at Siemens:




(pls. add to both email addresses the suffix: