Design of Experiments

Design Of Experiments is a technically- and cost-efficient statistical methodology for assessing the effects of experimental factors on response variables of interest. If effectively used, the effects of many variables on a complex system can be examined simultaneously.

Lunchtime Learning Series

September 16th, 2014
The “Lunchtime Learning” series is a group of short course tutorials are aimed at providing a basic introduction to a variety of topics in which our community members have expressed an interest.   Read More

Design of Experiments for Reliability Improvement

July 26th, 2007
Many times we want to improve Reliability (or other Quality characteristics) by way of increasing positive and reducing negative factor effects that influence performance.   Read More

Which Variables Are Critical to Field Reliability? Design of Experiments (DOE) Can Help Optimize Your Design

August 26th, 2002
Engineers are often faced with the problem of optimizing a process that includes a number of input variables. It could be an analysis of a manufacturing process, or even an analysis of a business process. They’re often challenged to find ways to reduce   Read More