Warranty Planning

Warranties are a formal commitment to deliver (or require delivery of) reliable products/systems. They identify what is warranted, warranty length, what scenarios are/are not covered, and liability. For warranty planning: Include people, process and product costs; Warranted items fail; Performance quality is not guaranteed; Warranties define acceptable liability conditions.

Warranty Cost: An Introduction

April 26th, 2004
Whether your company is marketing commercial products or selling to the Government, warranties are an important ingredient to competitive success. Effective warranty planning can ensure success, but lack of attention to cost analyses can spell disaster. This article is intended to introduce the basics of warranties and to identify sources for more information.   Read More

System Spares – What’s the “Right” Answer?

December 26th, 2002
Manufacturers are often faced with questions such as: How often will my system fail? How many spare parts should I stock? How confident am I that I will have enough spare parts?   Read More

Using Accelerated Life Testing to Assess Warranty Risk

October 26th, 2002
During a recent project, a question arose about the feasibility of providing a ten year warranty for a new system. The system consisted of a proven electronic assembly and 40 newly designed hybrid electronic modules. Warranty costs could be significant if reliability risks were not fully understood. The company producing the system   Read More