Stress-Derating Spreadsheet Calculator – (SD-18 Derating Standard)

Stress-Derating Spreadsheet Calculator – (SD-18 Derating Standard)


Excel-based software tool that implements the derating guidelines stated in NAVSEA SD-18, Notice 3.

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Product Description

Quanterion Solutions’ Stress-Derating Spreadsheet Calculator – SD-18 Derating Standard is an Excel-based software tool that allows the user to easily determine if a design is in compliance with the derating guidelines presented in NAVSEA SD-18 Part Requirement and Application Guide.  After selecting the application environment and entering the ambient baseline temperature, the user then enters components from a Parts List or BOM onto the appropriate commodity worksheet.  After supplying part type identification, rating and application data, the Stress-Derating Spreadsheet Calculator determines the relevant derating requirement and indicates through a simple Green/Red color scheme, whether or not a parameter is in compliance with the standard.  Critical part type data entry is drop-down menu driven, and all user accessible data entry fields are easily identifiable.

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