Welcome to our “Lunchtime Learning” training page. The following short course tutorials are aimed at providing a basic introduction to a variety of topics in which our customers have expressed an interest.

Q LL Six Sigma The Payoff of Six Sigma
More than eliminating defective parts, it’s a means of increasing profits through process optimization.
Q LL DOE Design of Experiments
A cost effective way to make designs more “robust.”
Q LL Rel as Proft Driver Reliability as a Profit Driver
How businesses can improve profitability through enhanced product reliability.
Q LL Rel Dist Basic Reliability Distributions
A means of understanding the characteristics of failures that is critical to reliability.
Q LL Weibull Introduction To Weibull Analysis
A powerful method for tracking part reliability trends.
Q LL FMECA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
An essential analysis tool to understand the impact of failures.
Q LL RQT Reliability Qualification Testing
A test of hypothesis methodology for proving equipment reliability.

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