The experience that is gained from performing a multitude of analysis activities over the course of decades has allowed us to apply our in-depth understanding of specific processes, including the identification of specific tasks that can be simplified and/or automated to reduce the necessary time and resources for such processes. We have developed a collection of software tools to provide the desired simplification, while also incorporating additional insights, rules of thumb and numerous other practical application tips.

We offer a variety of affordable software tools to improve the productivity of your organization.

QSI Tool LogosNonelectronic Parts Reliability Data NPRD-2016

Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data (NPRD) provides failure rate data for a wide variety of component types including mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic assemblies. It provides summary and detailed data sorted by part type, quality level, environment and data source.

Electronic Parts Reliability Data EPRD-2014

This document contains reliability data on both commercial and military electronic components for use in reliability analyses. It contains failure rate data on integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors (diodes, transistors, optoelectronic devices), resistors, capacitors, and inductors/transformers, all of which were obtained from the field usage of electronic components.

Failure Mode/Mechanism Distributions FMD-2016

FMD-2016 Databook contains field failure mode and mechanism distribution data on a variety of electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical parts and assemblies. This data can be used to assist in the performance of reliability analyses and assessments such as Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).

Reliability Online Automated Databook System (ROADS)-All Databooks (NPRD EPRD FMD) Subscription

The Reliability Online Automated Databook System (ROADS) is a subscription service that provides customized access to all the following databooks: NPRD, FMD, EPRD. The ROADS databooks will be updated periodically (as new data warrants) and configuration controlled, so that the presented data is always traceable to a specific version of a hard copy databook.

Quanterion Automated Databook (NPRD-2016, FMD-2016, EPRD-2014)

This interactive software tool provides efficient search and retrieval of all information contained in the EPRD, NPRD, and FMD hard copy products. Containing a built-in search engine, information may be searched on part number, part types, manufacturer, and National Stock Number (NSN). Additional filters are available to specify application environment and quality levels.

217Plus™:2015, Notice 1 Calculator

Quanterion’s 217Plus™:2015, Notice 1 Reliability Prediction Calculator has been developed to facilitate the failure rate calculation of up to ten (10) hardware assemblies, and fifteen (15) software assemblies, according to the component and system reliability models defined by Quanterion’s 217Plus™:2015, Notice 1 methodology.

Warranty Calculator

The Warranty Calculator planning and analysis tool provides automated calculations and comparisons for ten different warranty types in common use. The tool also includes data, information and references that provide further guidance for over 30 additional warranty types.

Derating Calculator – (NAVSEA SD-18 Part Requirement and Application Guide)

This MS Excel®-based spreadsheet spreadsheet tool determines if a design satisfies the derating requirements of NAVSEA SD-18 Part Requirement and Application Guide based on part-type ID, rating and application data.

Derating Calculator – (ECSS-Q-ST-30-11CR1 Revision 3 Derating Standard)

Quanterion Solutions’ Stress-Derating Spreadsheet Calculator – ECSS-Q-ST-30-11CR1 Revision 3 Derating Standard is an Excel®-based software tool that allows the user to easily determine if a design is in compliance with the derating guidelines presented in the European Cooperation for Space Standardization document.

QuART – Quanterion Automated Reliability Toolkit

QuART is an automated version of the popular Reliability “Toolkit” series that includes a number of analysis tools from predictions and design analyses to test planning and statistical analysis of failure data.

Reliability Self-Assessment Tool (RASTER)

Evaluate your organization’s reliability program by walking through Quanterion’s RASTER tool, a free online resources that provides recommendations to improve your approach to reliability.

Total Life Cycle Cost Benefits Calculator (TLCC) for Root Cause Failure Analysis Decision-Making

This product is intended to be an aid to the decision-making process that can be used to justify (or not) the upfront financial investment needed to perform root cause failure analysis and CA for specific failure incidents and compare them to the savings that may be achieved over the long term by virtue of the improved reliability of the system, product, assembly, component, part or process.

Optimized Reliability Requirements and Cost Analysis (OR2CA)

Quanterion Solutions Incorporated has developed the Optimized Reliability Requirements and Cost Analysis (OR2CA) tool for one purpose: to present a methodology that develops contractual reliability requirements that are fully aligned with stated End-User Operational Reliability needs and expectations based on all of the categories of root failure cause that contribute to potential mission loss or degradation.

Weibayes Zero-Failure Test Plan and Risk Assessment Calculator

This MS Excel Workbook was developed as a supplementary tool in support of the paper/presentation entitled “Weibays Testing: What is the Impact if Assumed Beta is Incorrect?” by David Nicholls and Paul Lein of Quanterion Solutions Incorporated, and presented at the 2009 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, 26-30 January 2009 in Fort Worth, TX. The paper/presentation and the spreadsheet are limited in scope to Weibays zero-failure and sudden-death test plans.

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