Consulting Services

Use the RMQSI Knowledge Center’s consulting services to put our wide range of expertise to work for your organization. We have the flexibility to do business with customers in the framework that best fits their needs (e.g., Cost Plus Fixed Fee, Firm Fixed Prices, Time & Materials, etc.).

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The RMQSI Knowledge Center offers a range of publications to suit all budgets and levels of experience, including free introductory tutorials,  intermediate guides that dig deeper into specific topics, and comprehensive handbooks that cover all details of specific analyses and/or processes. Select one of the links below to learn more about the publications we offer.


Utilize our tools to simplify your workload.  The RMQSI Knowledge Center has developed a unique set of tools that can be used to assess an organization’s reliability program, apply specific models and/or data, or perform test planning, data analysis, or a number of other reliability activities.

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We have leveraged our experience and expertise to develop training products, which can provide your organization with the knowledge and tools to design and manufacture reliable products, or develop and test secure reliable software. We offer training in multiple formats to fit the individual needs of different organizations.

  • On-site Course Training
  • Online Course Training
  • Customized Courses (Tailored to your Organization)

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Free Resources

The RMQSI Knowledge Center offers an array of free resources, including demos, military standards and handbooks, RMQ documents, reliability tools, online training and much more…

  • QuART Demo
    • Quanterion’s Automated Reliability Toolkit (QuART) software series is an automated version of the highly popular “Reliability Toolkit” series of RMQ engineering aids originated in 1988 by our personnel while working at the Rome Laboratory (formerly Rome Air Development Center). The QuART products are intended to be desktop sets of tools for practicing RMQ professionals, as well as others with an interest in the value of RMQ in products and system. The “demo” version of this series is a free download of these tools, many of which are operational.
  • Lunchtime Learning
    • This training series provides short course tutorials that are intended to provide a basic introduction to a variety of reliability/quality topics in which our customers have expressed interest.
  • RASTER (Reliability Self-assessment Tool including Enhancement Recommendations)
    • Step through a series of multiple choice questions to evaluate your organization’s approach to reliability. Once you’ve finished, RASTER will provide an overall assessment, and even suggest recommendations to improve your approach to reliability.
  • MIL-HDBK-217F
    • The most widely used reliability prediction methodology handbook is MIL-HDBK-217, the Military Handbook for “Reliability Prediction of Electronic Equipment”. MIL-HDBK-217 is published by the Department of Defense. We provide a free download of the latest version using the above link.
  • FAA-HDBK-006A
    • This FAA Handbook primarily allocates National Airspace System (NAS)-Level requirements to the information systems that provide consolidated Air Traffic Control (ATC) services.
    • FAA-HDBK-006A Excel Support Spreadsheet