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Publications - GeneralFormatPriceKeys to Reliability Videos
15% Discount – 217Plus™: 2015 Calculator and HandbookDownload$595
A Practical Guide to Developing Reliable Human-Machine Systems 2nd EditionDownload$75
Achieving System Reliability Growth Through Robust Design and TestDownload / Hardcopy$90 / $100
Applied Reliability Engineering Volume I, 5th Ed.Download / Hardcopy$50 / $60
Applied Reliability Engineering Volume II, 5th Ed.Download / Hardcopy$50 / $60
Effective Application of Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis - 2nd EditionHardcopy$125
Electronic Derating for Optimum Component Reliability, GuideDownload / Hardcopy$100 / $120
Electronic Derating for Optimum Component Reliability, Calculator and GuideDownload / Hardcopy$350 / $370
Expanded Applications of FMECADownload$90Watch
GaAs MMIC Reliability – High Temperature BehaviorDownload / Hardcopy$65 / $75
Get Three Reliability Publications for 15% Off!Hardcopy$238
GREEN: The Impact of “Green” Technology on System ReliabilityDownload / Hardcopy$75 / $90
Handbook of 217Plus™:2015, Notice 1Download / Hardcopy$200 / $225Watch
Mechanical Analysis and Other Specialized Techniques for Enhancing Reliability (MASTER)Download / Hardcopy$100 / $120
Photonics Materials, Devices and ReliabilityDownload$65
Physics-of-Failure Based Handbook of Microelectronic SystemsDownload$80
Practical Applications of the RIAC System Reliability ToolkitDownload$40
Reliability and Quality in Microelectronic ManufacturingDownload$65
Reliability Modeling – The RIAC Guide to Reliability Prediction, Assessment and EstimationDownload / Hardcopy$70 / $100Watch
Reliability of Compound Semiconductor Analogue Integrated CircuitsDownload$75
Reliability of High Temperature ElectronicsDownload / Hardcopy$65 / $75
The SuperSmith® Package by Fulton Findings LLCHardcopy$1680
System Reliability Toolkit VDownload / Hardcopy$60 / $75
Techniques to Evaluate Long-Term Aging of Systems (LAST)Download / Hardcopy$40 / $60
The Influence of Reliability, Maintainability, Quality, Supportability and Interoperability on System Affordability (includes the Optimized Reliability Requirements and Cost Analysis (OR2CA) tool)MS Excel File / Hardcopy$250 / $300Watch
The New Weibull Handbook, 5th Ed.Hardcopy$98
Publications - RELease Series (Download Only)PriceKeys to Reliability Videos
RELease Complete Set of 15 Titles (Below)$120
Accelerated Testing$10
Design of Experiments$10
Designing, Manufacturing and Supporting Affordable Products$10Watch
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)/Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)$10
Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS)$10
Fault Tree Analysis$10
Physics-of-Failure Modeling$10
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)$10Watch
Reliability Demonstration Testing$10
Reliability Growth$10
Reliability Management$10
Reliability Modeling$10
Reliability Prediction$10Watch
The Reliability Design Process$10
Weibull Analysis$10
Publications / ToolsFormatPriceKeys to Reliability Videos
Electronic Parts Reliability Data – 2014Download/CD-ROM/Hardcopy/ROADSStarting at $300*
Failure Mode / Mechanism Distributions – 2016 Download/CD-ROM /Hardcopy/ROADSStarting at $250*Watch
Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data – 2016 Download/CD-ROM/Hardcopy/ROADSStarting at $350*Watch
Quanterion Automated Databook (NPRD-2016, FMD-2016, EPRD-2014) Download/CD-ROMStarting at $825*
Reliability Online Automated Databook System (ROADS) - All Databooks (NPRD EPRD FMD) Subscription accessible anywhere with Internet connection.Starting at $330*
Effective Application of Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis & Software FMEA Toolkit BundleCD-ROM & Hardcopy$875
Reliability Toolkit: Commercial Practices EditionHardcopy$35. Limited supply.
Supportability ToolkitHardcopy$35. Limited supply.

If you would like to inquire about incorporating the NPRD, EPRD, and FMD databooks into your software, please email or give us a call at (877) 808-0097 (Toll Free), or (315) 732-0097.

*Contact us at for quantities of 10 or more.

Tools (Download Only)PriceKeys to Reliability Videos
217Plus™ Bill of Materials Import Spreadsheet$50
217Plus™:2015, Notice 1 Spreadsheet Calculator$500Watch
Electronic Derating for Optimum Component Reliability, Calculator $300
Optimized Reliability Requirements and Cost Analysis (OR2CA)$200Watch
QuART ER (Enhancing Reliability)$399
QuART ER Upgrade from QuART PRO$229
QuART PRO Upgrade from QuART$99
Stress-Derating Spreadsheet Calculator (ECSS-Q-ST-30-11C Revision 1 Methodology)$300
Stress-Derating Spreadsheet Calculator (SD-18 Methodology)$300
Total Life Cycle Cost Benefits Calculator for Root Cause Failure Analysis Decision-Making$100
Warranty Calculator$200
Training - Instructor-Led (Open or On-Site)PriceKeys to Reliability Videos
Design for Reliability (DFR) (5 Days)Contact Us!
Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Enterprise (1 Day)Contact Us!
Reliability 101: Introduction to Reliability Engineering (3 Days)Contact Us!
Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Modeling Part II (2 Days)Contact Us!
Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Modeling Part I (3 Days)Contact Us!
Reliability Centered Maintenance (3 Days)Contact Us!Watch
Introduction to Reliability Centered Maintenance (1 Day)Contact Us!Watch
Reliability Growth Through Robust Design and Test (3 Days)Contact Us!
Reliability Testing (1 Day)Contact Us!
Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis (3 Days)Contact Us!
Quantitative Reliability Analyses – Practical Approaches (3 Days)Contact Us!
Weibull Analysis (3 Days)Contact Us!
Training - Self-Paced DVDPrice
Repertoire on DVD - Includes 5 Modules$370
Training - Online VideoPriceKeys to Reliability Videos
Complete Set of Eight On-Line Training Videos (Below)$599
Basic Reliability Modeling$99
Basic Reliability Testing$99
Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)$99
Introduction to Reliability Growth$99
Life Data Trend and Weibull Analysis$99
Reliability Centered Maintenance$149Watch
Reliability Prediction$99
Reliability Terms and Distributions$99