Course Description

The purpose of this 1-day course is to provide participants with an introduction to the foundational concepts of the Lean-Six Sigma philosophy and process. It will help participants successfully understand the organization of a Lean-Six Sigma program. Simulations on variations in such processes will be practiced.

Who Should Take the Course

This course is of interest to all those working in improving their organizations. In particular, to executives, managers, and improvement team leaders and members, seeking to learn how to implement business improvement through Lean-Six Sigma concepts and processes.

What the Student Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the Lean Six Sigma “White Belt” concept
  • Comprehend the critical elements of the Six Sigma approach
  • Recognize how poor quality harms business in a service environment
  • Identify the new roles and responsibilities employees play in this approach
  • Identify those processes that need improvement

Included Materials

Course materials include the course presentation handouts; the textbook entitled, “What is Lean Six Sigma?” by Michael L. George, David Rowlands, and Bill Kastle.

Required Materials

Participants will be provided with all required materials. They should bring notes with their current improvement processes, to be used for class discussions and illustrations.

Presenter(s) Biography

Jorge RomeuJorge Romeu, PhD

Dr. Jorge Romeu Dr. Jorge Luis Romeu is a Senior Science Advisor with Quanterion Solutions Inc. in Utica, NY. Dr. Romeu has over 30 years of experience applying statistical and operations research methods in teaching, research and consulting. He has worked in software and industrial reliability and quality engineering, in statistical modeling and data analysis, in pattern recognition, in design of experiments, and in other applications of statistics and operations research, supporting industry, as well as AFOSR, RIAC, DACS, and AMPTIAC DOD organizations.

Dr. Romeu retired Emeritus from the State University of New York at Cortland, after fourteen years of teaching statistics and computer science, and is now an Adjunct Professor with the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Syracuse University, where he teaches Industrial Statistics and Quality Engineering courses. Dr. Romeu has published over a dozen journal articles, as well as two dozen web tutorials on applied statistics and on statistical education. He is the lead author of the book “A Practical Guide to Statistical Analysis of Materials Property Data.” Romeu holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research. He is a Certified Quality and Reliability Engineer and Senior Member of the American Society for Quality. He is a Chartered Statistician Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a Fellow of the Institute of Statisticians, a Full Member of ORSA, a member of the American Statistical Association, of the Inter American Statistical Institute and of the International Association for Statistical Education.

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