217PlusQuanterion’s 217Plus™ Training Video is designed to introduce reliability engineers to 217Plus™ System Reliability Assessment Methodology, as well as the 217Plus™ Software tool developed under the Reliability Information Analysis Center BCO (which has since become part of the Defense Systems IAC (DSIAC)).

This module focuses on introducing the most common terms and probability distributions used in Reliability Engineering. The module lays the foundation for the other topics in the series by including:

  • Reliability Terminology
  • Availability Terms
  • Continuous and Discrete Distributions
  • Confidence bounds for common distributions

This video is offered for an unlimited number of views during a three-month subscription period and can be viewed on any browser-enabled device.

Please Note, this training video covers the RIAC 217Plus™ Software tool (2006), which does not include the new and updated models from Quanterion’s 217Plus™:2015 Handbook.

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