Quanterion Solutions announces that David Rose is the latest addition to Quanterion’s staff in the position of Manager of Advanced Programs. Rose joins the staff after ten years at Alion Science and Technology, eight of which were spent as the Director of the Department of Defense Advanced Materials and Processes Technology Analysis Center (AMPTIAC) (recently renamed Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Testing Information Analysis Center (AMMTIAC)).

Quanterion President Preston MacDiarmid indicated that while the addition of Rose brings the staff total to twenty-five, more than double what it was a year ago, it marks a key augmentation of the company’s business base. He indicated “Dave has been a long-time associate of a number of our senior staff members so we were extremely pleased to be able to add his strong set of materials-based skills to our classic reliability talent pool because so many reliability problems are really materials problems. The fact that he is so well respected in the Information Analysis Center (IAC) world where we operate the core of the DoD Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC) is a plus.”

Rose lives in Ava, NY with his wife, son, and daughter. He is a graduate of the University of Washington with a BSME and of the University of Dayton with an MSME. He also has more than 30 semester hours towards a PhD in Materials Engineering. He was recently invited by the National Research Council to work on a study examining whether university design engineering students are adequately taught corrosion prevention and control as it relates to system design. The study is the result of recommendations he made to representatives of the Senate Armed Services Committee last spring because it is estimated that corrosion costs the DoD about $20B/year.