Asset Management

Asset Management is any system that monitors/ maintains things of value to an entity or group, and can cover tangible assets or intangible concepts (intellectual property; goodwill). Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is an optimized systematic process of cost-effectively designing, constructing, commissioning, operating, maintaining and decommissioning/replacement of plant, equipment and/or facilities. Reliability Centered Maintenance is the foundation of EAM.

Introduction to Reliability Centered Maintenance (1 Day)

November 19th, 2014

Course Description
This 1-day course provides a general introduction to Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), explaining the basic terminology, analyses, and overall purpose and goal of performing RCM. In addition to providing a brief history on the various maintenance approaches employed by different industries, the course identifies practical RCM applications, outlining the steps involved with planning, implementing…  Read More

Reliability: Costly, or Cost Effective?

October 26th, 2004

There are those who would argue that the costs of reliability activities associated with developing new products have little payoff. Whether we’re talking about commercial products or military systems, we don’t agree. Concepts like Life Cycle Costs, Total Ownership Costs, Reliability-based Maintenance, Performance-Based Logistics, and others clearly recognize the contribution of reliability activities in reducing…  Read More

System Spares – What’s the “Right” Answer?

December 26th, 2002
Manufacturers are often faced with questions such as: How often will my system fail? How many spare parts should I stock? How confident am I that I will have enough spare parts?   Read More

Is Asset Management For You?

December 26th, 2001

What is Asset Management?
Asset Management is being called by many the “final frontier” of achieving major gains in operating effectiveness, corporate profitability and shareholder value. It has been reported that North American industry could recover $200M to $500M annually through improved physical Asset Management. To demonstrate the critical nature of managing assets the Department of…  Read More