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What is it?parts_mart

A Parts/Materials Selection and Application Program is an approach to controlling those items that are used in your product/system design. It establishes the requirements and defines the controls that make them acceptable for use for a given design, application environment and expected life. It considers related issues such as the risks associated with new technologies, part/material obsolescence and Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS).

What’s the payoff?

The reliability of parts/materials varies widely. The choice of which to use has significant implications for product/system reliability and, as a result, total life cycle cost. Proper attention to parts/materials control can minimize the proliferation of different items within a company, or even on the same program by different engineers, thereby reducing the cost of inventory and limiting the number of specification control drawings to support a product/system.

How can we help?

  • Define and implement parts/materials selection, application and control programs within your organization
  • Develop preferred parts/materials lists for your organization, including on-line databases to facilitate their use
  • Perform research and provide alternatives for solving parts/materials problems
  • Perform independent reviews to assess the suitability of selected parts/materials for your specific applications
  • Develop requirements documents for controlling suppliers
  • Define and/or set up systems for monitoring supplier performance
  • Audit suppliers’ manufacturing and quality processes/procedures

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